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At Anderson Investissements, we provide strategic credit solutions for small businesses to achieve maximum growth.

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Hello, I'm Maliik Anderson, CEO of Anderson Investissements

A leading global provider of business decisioning data and analytics. Anderson Investissements protects your business, your family and your future from frivolous lawsuits. Lower your tax liability and keep your hard-won gains working with professional advisors who live & breathe trading.

We help you to grow your business. Learn the strategies for business owners and traders provided by our expert advisors,  at Anderson Investissements.




Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from other competitors?

We work with each and every one of our clients 1-on-1 and actually listen to their problems and the goals they want to meet after getting their credit repaired. We also offer affordable options that are designed to fit limited budgets.

Why is credit important?

Good credit (often defined as a credit score of 620 or more) is important because it helps individuals and companies purchase products that they need right away but can’t pay the full amount. It allows you to get approved for loans that you otherwise would get declined for without having to pay an overwhelming amount of interest.

What makes up my credit score?

What makes up your credit score is separated in 5 parts: payment history, utilization, new credit, length of credit history, and the mix of credit lines you have (credit cards, bills, loans, etc.).

Is there a refund policy?

There is not a refund policy once services are paid for and received.

How soon do you start working on my credit?

We start working on your credit once the deposit for signup is made and everything needed is sent.

How are you different from other competitors?

We are different because we work with each and all of our clients one on one and actually listen to their problems and the goals they want to meet after getting their credit repaired and we also offer affordable options that’ fits everyone’s budget .

Why do you need my Social Security Number?

Your Social security number is needed for verification throughout the credit repair process so that credit bureaus can verify that you are who you say you are.

George Washington

“To contract new debts is not the way to pay old ones.”

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