Credit Repair

Our credit repair services help clients remove negative items from their credit report, monitor and check credit reports monthly, and improve their credit score quickly and painlessly.

Our Credit Repair Process

Do I Need Credit Repair Services?

Just because you don't have great credit doesn't always mean you need credit repair. If you have a credit score below 620, are consistently denied loans or purchases, or pay high interest rates, then credit repair might be the quickest way to solve those problems.

Credit repair can help improve your credit in 30 - 90 days on average, depending on how many negative items you have on your credit report. Once your credit score improves, you may be eligible to receive lower interest rates or be approved for loans you wouldn't otherwise be approved for.

It's important to keep in mind that credit repair works best for people with a long history of credit (a few years at least), have multiple lines of credit, or have a credit score below 620.

Did you know?

A credit score below 620 can cost you over $400,000 in additional interest payments.

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